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Dispute Resolution Services

We are currently performing mediations and arbitrations via videoconference and it is working great.

My 23 years as a civil trial judge (sitting and visiting), coupled with my 14 years as a civil litigator, and my 4 years in corporate America give me a unique perspective. I have an “outside the box” mentality. My approach is more intuitive and creative and I have had a success rate above 95% in resolving disputes.

My fees vary depending on the number of parties and the time required to prepare.  The minimum fee for a full day mediation is $2000 per party. My half-day rate is $1250 per party, My availability for half-days is very limited and I find that the majority of cases, except for the most simple, cannot be resolved in half-day mediations.

I am happy to discuss fees with you.


 Please call Annette Decker at 281-888-6078 or email her at You can check available dates by looking at the calendar on this website.

If the mediation is cancelled within 3 business days of the scheduled mediation date and I cannot fill the date with other work, you may be charged a full cancellation fee.

Please make all checks payable to Elizabeth Ray, P.C. and send all materials to me at or to Judge Elizabeth Ray, 3605 Katy Freeway, Suite 104, Houston, Texas 77007.  (I prefer digitized rather than paper.) We accept Venmo and Paypal as well (judgeelizabethray). In the event of a concern, and within the ethical guidelines, please feel free to contact me directly at

My private arbitration and private judge fees are $600 per hour and $5000 per day.